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ABC’s of Self Mutilation
Prevention, Assessment, Treatment

Self mutilation among our youth is on the rise, so common in fact that many school staff simply ignore it.  What does a child achieve by self-harming behavior?  The profile of a “cutter” or other self-harming behavior will be discussed with emphasis on prevention strategies.  This workshop is appropriate for administrators, counselors, social workers, family and youth service center directors, and teachers.


Identify the symptoms, underlying issues, and especially early “demonstrators”
Explore communication issues with parents and referral for mental health counseling.
Discuss prevention and early intervention strategies
Discuss appropriate treatment strategies.


The workshop content includes a power point to be used with staff and accompanying handouts.
This workshop will be scheduled for participant involvement through the use of Skype.
Participants must have a camera and Skype access to participate in live workshops.

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