Elementary Level Books on Depression & Anxiety




The Boy Who Didn’t Want To Be Sad ......$8.95

A boy who doesn't want to be sad tries eliminating all
sources of sadness from his life, including toys, pets,
friends, and even his own family. He realizes that all
sources of sadness are also his sources of happiness,
and he reclaims them all. For ages 4-8








What to Do When You Worry Too Much
A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety .... $14.95

Guides children and parents through the cognitivebehavioral
techniques most often used in the treatment
of anxiety. Lively metaphors and illustrations
make the concepts and strategies easy to understand,
while clear how-to steps and prompts to draw
and write help children master new skills related to reducing anxiety.
This interactive self-help book is the complete resource for educating,
motivating, and empowering kids to overcome their overgrown worries.
For ages 6-12






Why Are You So Sad? A Child’s Book About
Parental Depression ................................ $8.95

When a parent has depression, children often feel
sad and confused themselves. This books helps by
explaining depression, reassuring children, exploring
feelings, helping children express their feelings, coping
tips, and showing them how they can feel better



RENEW Center - Elementary Level Books on Depression & Anxiety

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