Comprehensive Crisis Management

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Participants will be able to:

Discuss the purpose of NIMS and ICS.
Describe the 4 phase of Emergency Management/Crisis Response.
Contribute to assessment of procedures in building security, visitor screening, and parent/child reunification. 
Identify members to serve on the team and their role during crisis response.
Identify community providers and their role during crisis response.
Evaluate how comprehensive their emergency plan is and assist with revising the plan.
Contribute to discussions regarding issues related to communication, security, and current procedures for lock down, evacuation, reverse evacuation, tornado, and shelter-in-place drills.   
Increase awareness of individuals at greatest risk of violence or suicide.
Critique building-specific emergency plan for an inside shooting, outside shooting, hostage situation, and chemical disaster.
Discuss protocols for dealing with parents and the media.
Increase ability to function as a member of a school emergency team.
Describe the purpose of quiet rooms and support groups.
Clarify appropriate steps to defuse a situation so that emotions do not get out-of-control.
Discuss writing and making announcements.
Describe the purpose and process of critical incident stress debriefing as it fits within the comprehensive crisis management model.
Describe the normal grief process in adults and children.
Identify appropriate helping behaviors for assisting the emotional wounded.
Identify specific steps to insure safety of special needs students and staff.

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